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Europasieger 1986
Luxembourg Champion 1987
VDH Champion
Dutch, Belgian and International Champion

Babelou  1983-1994, daughter of Alexandre du Sourire Doux (the ancestor of the Doux dogs) and Petite Roulette de la Parure

Babe, headstrong, chearful, stubborn, courageous, persistent, dominant, tempestuous and full of spunk.  All these words can apply to her.  She had a heart for the males.  She was less charmed by the females.  She either liked you or she didn’t and she made this very clear.  Once we were on holiday in our beloved France by the seaside.  She loved swimming and walking.  There was a man swimming in the sea and he called out to her.  She swam to him full of enthousiasm.  When she was near him this man began to slap his hands on the water very severely.  She swam back to us totally indignant.  A year later when we were watching the “jeux de boules” on the same spot with our Babe and her son Isaac, she saw that man again and he called her again.  She heard his voice and she began to bark and her hairs stood on end. 
I also remember an early morning on a lovely summer’s day.  I couldn’t sleep, was sad and quite upset.  I got up to make a long walk and Babe was right next to me.  She wanted to come with me.  I let her, but I didn’t feel like putting her on a leach, no matter what I told her.  She looked at me and I felt that she understood me well.  On this early hour, we walked passed meadows with cows and horses.  We passed farms were farm dogs were surprised to see us but she stayed right next to me.  She looked at me as if to say: this is nice lady, you and me together.  Together we can face the world and together we are strong.  I was no longer angry when we got home and during those hours of walking together a connection between the two of us was formed, which lasted her entire life.  I never felt a more intense grief for a dog as when she was no longer there.

Father: Alexandre du Sourire Doux Mother: Petite-Roulette de la Parure