History of Du Sourire Doux

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In 1972 we bought our first French Bulldog Manty v.d. Kleyberg.  On one of our holidays in “La douce France” we saw a postcard of a French Bulldog with the text: Jamais je n’oublierai la douceur de ton sourire – never I shall forget the softness of your smile.”  This went straight to our heart and we said to each other: if ever we will breed, that is were our kennel name will come from. 
Unfortunately, our Manty only became six years old and died of a heart attack.  So we bought a new frenchie and we carefully set our first steps in the arena of show business.  But also this frenchie died of a heart attack after two and a half years.
That was it for us.  We had been told before that bulldogs didn’t grow very old but we could no longer accept this just like that.

Babelou 6 dagen oudIn 1981 we applied for our kennel name and in 1982 our first litter was born.  Two pied males and one pied female.  We kept one male and one female: Alexandre and Adelaide du Sourire Doux whom we also think of as the ancestors of our kennel.  Fortunately Alexandre and Adelaide lived for a very long time.  They became 12 and 14 years old respectively.  About a year later, on August 27 1983 our first champion was born out of Alexandre du Sourire Doux and Petite Roulette de la Parure, namely Babelou du Sourire Doux.  Many more were to follow.

At this moment we and our bulldogs live in Belgian Limburg.  We have a very large garden, in which we could build a lot of dog sheds.  However we choose to raise our dogs in our own home. 
A French Bulldog is absolutely not a herd animal.  He has a very individualistic nature and he preferably spends his time with his friends THE HUMANS.  That’s why a French Bulldog doesn’t seem to thrive as well at a large breeder with a lot of dogs than with a smaller breeder who can give them more personal attention.  They don’t really like to “share”, so to speak.

This was our first litter: Adelaide, Alexandre and Archimedes.

We wish you all lots of fun while surfing through our website.