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Gentille du Sourire Doux is our latest addition.  She’s a red fawn female and she is eight months old.  People sometimes say: the red ones are the cute ones but they are up to no good, and this can be said about our Gentille.  All that is forbidden, has top priority for her.  You’d think she’d learn from the older dogs, especially the good things, but she doesn’t find this attractive.  She’s a very lively, spunky and naughty frenchie.  She spents her day with mischief and when she finally goes to sleep later on in the evening, we sigh of relief and think she’s adorable.  She’s very fond of water.  It won’t be a surprise that she already swam her first laps when she was six months old.  She jumps in and out of her swimming pool and taking a mud bath in the Lommel Sahara is no big deal for her.  Voila, this is our Gentille.  We are tremendously proud of her, she is so full of life.




Afabulls King of Diamonds

    Ch. (Ned.) Belboulecan
du Champagne mondo
      Belboulecan Dominion Viola
  Hay v.d. Mestreechteneerkes    
      Pierot v.d. Zwaantjeshoeve
    Zjulet v.d. Mestreechteneerkes  
      Naomi v. Hartogsvreugd
Gentille du Sourire Doux      
      Coeur de Pantoufle
    Pierot v.d. Zwaantjeshoeve  
      Le Cygne v.d. Zwaantjeshoeve
  Bernice du Sourire Doux    

Fr.Ned.Int.Kampioen Umberto du Sourire Doux

    Xabine van het Pecawoud