Belgian champion Jupiler du Sourire Doux

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On the dogshow in Brussel on 18 december 2011 got Jupiler his double CAC and became he best pied male.

On the dogshow in Hoogstraten on 8 januar 2012 got Jupiler his CAC-CACIB and became the title of best male.

And again did Jupiler speaks for himself. On the dogshow in Douai on 10 and 11 march 2012 became Jupiler best pied male with CAC (27 entries) and the other day (47 entries) became Jupiler also best pied male with CAC and he became also his Res.CACIB. His full nice, the mothers Hummelke and Helena du Sourire Doux are full sisters of eachother, got her CACIB the second day. Congratulations for the proud owners of both dogs.

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We got again wondeful news from Jan and Annemie van Lierop about their beautiful frenchie Jupiler.


On the racespecialty in Colmar (France) (47 entries) on 31-03-2012 got Jupiler in the openclasse 1 excellent and he became reserve CAC.

On the show in Luxemburg on 01-04-2012 (117 entries) got Jupiler 1 excellent in the openclasse and he became CACL.

Jan and Annemie as owners and we as breeders are really proud of this young boy.

Also we are more than proud of the results from the healthy investigation, what  Jupiler has had on 03-04-2012. Almost everything they have investigated. His eyes, his back, hart, windpipe, patella. All of this was very good.

Jupiler is a really healthy and beautiful male.

Again shownews from Jupiler.

On the show in Brussel at 08-12-2012 Jupiler became 1 excellent in his clas and after he was choosen to the best male with CAC-CACIB. With this result he qualify himself for the Crufts in Birmingham, England, and he also go to this show on 08-03-2013. We wish him good luck.

On the show in Hoogstraten, Belgium, on 17-02-2013, Jupiler got 1 excellent and he became also best pied male and with this result he became definitive the title of Belgian Champion.

We are very proud on this beautiful male and also for Annemie and Jan big congrats with this spendid result.


On 17-02-2013 at the show in Hoogstraten Jupiler won best pied male and with this result he won his Belgian Championship.

We are so happy for Jan andAnnemie. Thank you very much Jan for handling Jupiler so excellent in the showring, and thank you Annemie for taking such good care of our Frenchies.

Jupiler is out of Hummelke du Sourire Doux and Daulokke's Honore de Balzac. Jupiler's great-grandparents are the veteranchampions Belinda and Zjef du Sourire Doux.