Kaitlin du Sourire Doux

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Kaitlin du Sourire Doux American and Grand-Champion

Kaitlin is born 2 july 2011 out of the combination from Tey v.d. Mestreechteneerkes and Hummelke du Sourire Doux.

Kaitlin lives in California, Amerika, inTemecula, together with Carol and Randy Johnson from the Imaginekennel with her halfsister Jezebel and her nephew Harrison, son of Jezebel's brother Jupiler and the other frenchies form Carol and Randy. Her sister Judith and halfsister Kilian lives with us in Belgium.

Kaitlin is a very beautiful, sweet and enthusiast young girl and she likes showing very much, even as Carol and Randy.

In less than one year Kaitlin became American champion and also Grand-Champion. Carol, Randy and we, her breeders, are very proud of this girl and we hope that she will defend her titels still many years.