Quel Beau du Sourire Doux

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 Belgian Youth Champion Quel Beau Du Sourire Doux.

Quel Beau, born March 4th, 2017 from the marvelous combination of De Bullensteeg Lou and Olga Du Sourire Doux, needed only 3 shows to become Belgian Youth Champion. He is a beautiful Bulldog just like his parents.
Quel Beau has 1 fawn brother and 1 brindle sister. He is a beautiful very enthusiastic bulldog who prefers playing all day long with others. He loves people and the attention, which he gets also a lot from Rene de Buyser and Brigitte van Breedam in Puurs, a small village near Brussels, where he is raised.
Brigitte works as a veterinary assistant and Quel Beau is always at work with her where he behaves perfect. Every week he follows with his boss the show training, Quel Beau knows what they expect in the ring and with his beauty he gets all the attention he deserves.